This is boutique yarn, meaning: when it's gone, it's gone and the next lot will not have the same color. So buy what you need now!

Sea Salt
Sea Salt

Sea Salt

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2oz/3ply sport weight,  175 yards. 75% Cormo, 25% Alpaca.  $20. per skein.

Sea salt is that color that pairs with white, navy, gray, brown, or black like it was custom created. Adds the perfect tang to whatever project you have in mind. The majority of it is cormo, so memory and bounce are perfect, the added alpaca means it is tender-area soft. Picture yourself sitting by the seashore knitting with sea salt. It's what memories are made of! (Note: only 40 skeins available!)

The 3 colors below are for color comparison only (they are different weights/fiber combinations). From left to right they are: Wheat, Beach Sand, Sea Salt.